Spotlight on Poverty


About the Project

Spotlight on Poverty is a collaborative initiative by several major U.S. foundations to address poverty by bringing policymakers together across the country and online. They came to us to completely redesign their website that aggregates the latest poverty news, research, data and commentary. 

Their previous website was out of date and poorly suited to the large amounts of content they were collecting on a daily basis. Our goal was to honor the existing content and make it easily accessible to the policy experts, journalists, foundations, nonprofits and researchers that used it everyday.



I began by drafting potential personas based on conversations with our client about their current users. This helped focus our approach on a primary persona of policy makers in the field who want the latest poverty news for inspiration in their own work. 

Primary (left) and secondary (right) provisional personas

To better understand the scope of the content we were working with, I conducted a content audit of the current website. This helped flag important issues such as data that would need additional work to transfer, as well as gave us a better idea of the amount of content on their site.

Content audit

Working together with our project manager and development team, I helped draft the page template structure for the site, creating an internal site map for our team to use as a reference. Our client provided guidance on what was working in their current site structure and we combined their feedback with ideas for how to better map content areas where posts could be pulled into multiple places. This gave our client a much improved backend experience whereas before they manually copy and pasted content onto several pages.

Site structure diagram that defines page templates and hierarchy

Once the site structure was finalized, we began to flesh out the layout of the various page templates. I designed the homepage wireframe to include simplified list areas that call out the client's regularly updated content.


Homepage wireframe

For internal use, I created documentation to clarify the upload process for certain datasets—working first with the client to understand how they currently collect and maintain their data. We decided on a lower-cost CSV upload method that met their needs of updating the data only once a year. 

Diagram describing the proposed data upload process



Our client was very happy with the final redesign: “I think I can speak for the whole Spotlight team when I say we are really thrilled with the new site. It looks fantastic, it provides our readers with a hugely improved experience, and it will save us a ton of time on the backend.”

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