PatientsLikeMe App

Grow a mobile app alongside a legacy web experience



Grow our iOS and Android app to match the key features of the web experience, while also paving the future for a streamlined product experience.


– Me, lead UX designer
– Visual UI designer
– 1 product manager
– Android and iOS developers


– Product director
– Security manager
– Founders


Highlights include creating a native registration exprience that increased new users login success by 30%, and beginning to experiment with social feed changes that deepen the types of conversations people have and better connect them to conversations they are interested in.



Align on strategy

When I started on the mobile team, we were receiving conflicting directions from our stakeholders. To better align our team’s thinking with the organization, I worked with the product manager to craft a strategy framework to illustrate our thinking. This helped guide our stakeholder conversations so we could quickly move towards building the product.


Native-izing sign up

One key component of our strategy was making sure the app had all the necessary pieces to fully function for our users. Our sign up process for new users was still a web view, and making a native sign up experience would not only improve the experience, but allow us to measure it.

Designing the sign up experience catalyzed key conversations around what the organization valued and what the organization was able to let go of. Privacy was a huge priority for the company, and we kept prominent disclaimer about data privacy in registration. In addition, the navigation of the mobile flow made it clear that maintaining an extra six profile questions in registration was unnecessarily taxing on users.

The launched native sign up experience improved the log in success rate by 30%.


experiment with the social experience

In addition to registration, I worked with the product manager and visual UI designer to ideate around ways we could make the social experience richer and help users find valuable content quicker.

We designed and user tested ideas around making our content feed digestible. Since we are not incentivized to keep users scrolling for hours, we had the opportunity to brainstorm ways a feed could try to satisfy you quickly and help you get on with the rest of your day.


We also ideated ways to encourage users to post richer stories. Here we experimented with bringing up prompts for users who were sharing an update.