Give Green



Our client wanted to integrate a new event registration feature within their existing donation checkout process so that donors could register for an event while they donate. I was tasked with quickly developing a new workflow and deliverables that would communicate this to the client and our development team.


Preview of the new process



My goal was to develop a new user experience workflow that integrated easily with the existing system. I verified feature requirements such as login options with the developer team, brainstormed user needs and sketched potential user flows. I used a paper prototype to work out obvious obstacles and user needs. This revealed the key paths that users could take while checking out. 


Process sketches and post-it note prototype

Afterwards, I mocked up a clickable digital prototype using existing visual assets. Using the clickable prototype to conduct some quick guerrilla user testing, I adjusted the design with suggestions for tooltips and settled on a proposed workflow. 



Clickable prototype demonstration



With the prototype, our client easily understood our proposed changes. Our developer team also appreciated the clarity of the prototype and used it as a guide for the buildout. The prototype allowed us to easily progress from mapping the flow of the checkout process to designing detailed interactions.