Bringing a future vision to life through rapid prototyping


The Goal

Translate a vision into a live product to drive key business-level discussions.

The team

– Me, lead UX designer
– Lead visual UI designer
– Product manager
– Team of software engineers, data engineers and scientists




The tool we created successfully communicated both the progress of several years of scientific work, as well as possibilities for the future. It has played an instrumental role in high-level business discussions.


Note: All content and copy has been replaced with fake content.


Rapid iteration and development

In a two week sprint, my team designed and launched a working prototype to capture our CEO’s vision for how to visualize and use data. This required intense collaboration between the the design team and the CEO, science team, data engineers, software engineers. Rapid visual prototypes helped break through gridlock and clarify the product vision for the entire team.

Rapid evolution of the design. (with fake content)


design discovery

After the launch of our initial prototype, I retroactively conducted design discovery activities to clarify the goal, user and structure of what we built. We used these artifacts to guide conversations with the CEO and other stakeholders around how the product could best evolve.

Assumption personas (with fake content)

Entity map (with fake content)

User flow (with fake content)

The right prototype for the right moment

Internal discussions led to a new vision of how the product could best aid a certain persona. To capture that vision, I created a paper prototype to demonstrate this new user flow to the CEO. This easily communicated how the changes would feel, and we moved quickly into higher-fidelity design.


Simulation of the paper prototype that I created.



Our stakeholders were delighted with the not only the output but the innovation process that the entire team had produced. The product has played a vital role in driving key business conversations.

“The combination of design, engineering and science [during this project] has been more productive, focused and effective than anything I have ever experienced…I don’t think I’ve ever felt so excited about something that will come out.” – CEO