Civic Hall


Civic Hall is a unique community center, event space and co-working area for civic innovators located in New York City. After we developed their main website and user administration system, they asked us to integrate a new secondary account system. My team turned to me to help work through how this integration would affect current user flows.

About the Project



To clarify how the user experience would change externally and internally, I worked with the project manager to understand the system functionality. Moving from whiteboard sketches to Illustrator, we were able to transfer our working knowledge into concise visual documents. The two diagrams below detail out the new user flow for member registration and the steps an administrator takes to facilitate this process. 


Proposed user flows for new account signup process


After detailing out these diagrams, it became clear to the team how necessary it would be to provide clear directions for users since the system deviated from typical account registration processes. We made sure each e-mail notification contained reminders about next steps for new users.

As an additional feature on this project, I conducted exploratory research on the profile image upload processes of similar sites to determine a potential workflow for our client's administration area. I then sketched out the proposed user flow for our development team. 

Proposed profile image upload process



The user flow documentation helped our team communicate clearly with the client and then move forward with development. We were also able to flag important interaction points where we could help our users understand what to do next. While we did not develop the image upload system, we were able to use my proposed user flow to confirm the scope of work that would be needed to implement such a change in the future.